Hi im Jio,
a DeFi cross-chain protocol

Multi-Chain. lightning fast. & Safe.

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What Jio brings to the table : A look at Jio's Unique features that separates it from other Dex'
Interoperable Bridge

A cross-chain bridge to accelerate Web3 interoperability between Multiple Blockchains such as Binance Smart Chain, Fantom , Ethereum, and more.

Fast & Low gas fees

Jio runs on the binance smart chain, Ethereum, fantom and will later support multiple L2 chains, such as Optimsm a much quicker l2 chain for ethereum and more cost-efficient to transfer funds and interact with Dapps.

Stake & Earn

Earn 24/7 with Jio's help. why not generate passive income with your crypto. let your assets work for you even in your sleep. Provide liquidity on Jio and earn passively.


Jio gives you options, with support for multiple chains. why trade on a slower chain? with jio you can choose the fastest and cheapest blockchains available today.

Jio's Permission-less nature gives you full control over your Tradable assets
Your wallet, your rules

jio is total hassle free. no registration needed, simply connect you're wallet and start swapping!

User-Friendly Ui

Part of Jio's job, is to make your DeFi experience as easy and friendly as possible.

Community Driven

We are firm believers that a strong community involvement is essential to the success of a project in this space.

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